Diamond Cutting Blades

Diamond Cutting BladesDundrum Engineering Ltd is a wholly owned subsiduary of Ryanstone and was founded by the Ryan Family in 1972.

Dundrum Engineering is now Ireland’s leading manufacturer of diamond tools and machines for cutting and polishing stone, concrete, ceramics and glass, producing a wide range of precision designed, high quality diamond cutting blades for the stone and construction industries under the RyCut brand name using the highest quality materials from all around the world.

Dundrum Engineering supplies diamond cutting blades to markets in Ireland, Britian, Europe and the Middle East. We also specialize in retipping of blade centers and the supply of diamond cutting segments. Dundrum Engineering also has extensive workshop machining facilities, from which our technicians can provide maintenance support to our customers.

Please contact us if you require and addition Information or Quote – Call + 353 (0)45 865 139 or email us at enquiries@ryanstone.com

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