The Wurzburg Cross

St. Killians cross was donated to the Diocese of Wurzbrg by Ryanstone for the 1300th anniversary of the martyrs of the three Irish saints Killian, Kolonat and Totnan


Material - Wicklow Granite

Hight - 4.73m (15' 6')

Location - Wurzburg (Germany)

Wurtzburg Celtic Cross

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The Finished Celtic Cross erected in the Catholic Seminary in Wurtzburg

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Peter Fisher (top) & Cristy Byrne fitting the cap on the cross witch now stands at 4.73 meters tall

When Paul Ryan of Ryan Stone received a Christmas Card from An Taoseach Mr Charles Haughey in 1988 depicting the 1300th anniversary of St Killian it was decided to Design and manufacture an Irish Celtic Cross in Wicklow Granite from our Own Quarry located 8 Miles from our Blessington Stone works for presentation to the Diocese of Wurzburg.

Paul Ryan contacted the Taoiseach and the late Cardinal O Fiaich to offer an Irish Celtic cross monument manufactured from Wicklow Granite. Following the submission of our Celtic Cross Drawings and designs,showing types of Irish Celtic crosses they in turn spoke to Paul Werner Scheele, Bishop of Wurzburg who graciously accepted the offer.

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Stuart Logan Hand Craving the inscription the cross.

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An Taoisceach (Irish Prime Minister) Charles Haughey trying his hand at Carving Letters in Wicklow Granite, When he came to see off the Cross on its journey to Wurtzburg - Germany

The Cross was exhibited at the Nuremberg stone fair and it was the first time thet an Irish Celtic cross was exhibted in Germany. It was then transported .to a company in Rhienbach( in which Ryanstone was a shareholder manufacturing Memorials for the German Market) prior to its erection in Wurzberg Bravaria.

The Inscription on the Celtic cross reads in English and Irish "Presented to the Diocese of Wurzburg by An Taoiseach Charles J Haughey and Cardinal O Fiaich on behalf of the people of Ireland.

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Paul Ryan with Taoisceach (Irish Prime Minister) Charles Haughey during his Visit to the the Ryanstone Stone works in Blessington Co. Wicklow


The cross was completed in 1989 and presented by Cardinal O'Fiach and the Taoiseach Charles J. Haughey who is seen here at our Blessington works inspecting the cross.Cardinal O Fiaich also visited our Stone works to see the Celtic Cross the Cardinal was a fluent Irish speaker and had a great knowledge of the Hitory of Celtic crossses

Article on the Wurzburg Cross, featuring the Taoiseach, Charles J. Haughey published in The Irish Times, Saturday, May 13th 1989

Article on the Wurzburg Cross, from the German news paper, Post, Wednesday, June 28th 1989


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