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Paving Products

Desert Yellow Granite Setts

Old world pattern for driveways

Bushammered Finish




Grainte Paving Slabs

Light Grey Bush Hammered

Desert Yellow paving

Granite Setts

Light Grey Split Cobbles

Desert Yellow Split Cobbles

Sea Grey Split Cobbles

Star Shaped Granite Setts

Permeable Granite Paving Star Pavers, fill voids with gravel and allow water allowing water to soak away. Permeable pavers may have grass planted in thn voids

Paving brick range

Paving Brick range. Change this First Item on Left to be Distressed (antiqued) Cobble sett for King George the 4th Bridge Edinburgh

Brick paving can be supplied in 20 and 30mm various colours and patterns see below.They are an accurately gauged paver and can be supplied with the Following surface finishes:- Sawn, Honed, Polished Bush hammered and flamed. They can also be supplied with straight edges and Chamfers.They may be laid with tight joints.Spacers can be supplied where required.