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Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation

Ha' Penny Bridge

Ha' Penny Bridge, Dublin

In 2001 Dublin City Council decided to renovate the Ha, penny bridge in 2001 owing to the increased pedestrian traffic.The bridge was closed for repair for renovations between 2001 and 2003 

The structure was rebuilt to retain as many of its old components as possible. The Steel structure was provided by Harland and Wolf.Ryanstone supplied the Granite walling and coping to the north and south entrances.

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 1

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The entrance of Light Grey Bush Hammered Granite

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 2

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Granite Steps

The Light grey Bush hammered Granite was curved to radius in the horizontal and vertical plains and required complex templating and working at our Blessington works.

The entrance was made wider than the original to allow for increased pedestrian numbers. Ryanstone also supplied the red granite Tactile paving for the visually impaired together with paving and steps

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 3

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Granite Steps

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 4

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Granite treads and Risers

The Granite Treads and Risers on the bridge had to be bolted to the bridge structure and as the locater holes had been pre punched in a random manner at Harland and Wolfs Belfast yard it was necessary for Ciaran and Kevin Ryan to measure the position of some 480 holes..

The Granite steps then had to be drilled and the retaining blots secured in the granite using a two part epoxy resin, the treads were then bolted to the structure and the whole operation was completed without a hitch.

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 5

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View of complete renovation

Ha' Penny Bridge (Dublin) Renovation 6

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New entrance by Ryanstone.

The Ha' Penny is a pedestrian bridge built in 1816 over the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. The offical name for the bridge is the Liffey Bridge. In 2001 due to the amount of Traffic on the Bridge over 27,000 per day it was decided a renovation was required.

Work was carried out by Harland and Wolff, makers of the RMS Titanic (Steelwork) and Ryanstone (Stonework). The Bridge was reopened in 2003

Large Bridge

The Ha' Penny Bridge - Dublin


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