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Urban Regeneration

Ryanstone is a well-established supplier of hard - landscape products throughout the UK, Ireland and the United States.

Ryanstone partners with leading architectural practices, local authorities and contractors to specify, manufacture and supply unique solutions to demanding hard-landscape challenges - such as the unique availability of rose coloured granite tactile (blister and profile) paving to the Holyrood Street regeneration project in Edinburgh. Ryanstone were the only company able to source, manufacture and supply this product in the UK.


Ryanstone supplies granite kerbs, paving and setts to meet the most demanding specifications. In addition to European materials, Ryanstone import top quality Chinese materials for delivery to the UK, Ireland, and the United States. This provides a highly competitive alternative supply, ensuring that contracts are not locked in to a single source of supply.

Ryanstone is a nominated and approved supplier to local authorities and councils.

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin

Light Grey Granite Paving with a Bush Hammered 63mm thick supplied by Ryanstone Ryanstone also supplies Granite Slabs as required.


St Stephens Green Dublin, All Granite and stone products supplied and manufactured by Ryanstone





Ryanstone also supplied Granite Benches for public use in Dublin City, Granite Benches can be made to any design required.


As you can see from the above image a significant amount of ryanstone Light Grey Granite Paving was laid during the Regeneration project.


Granite Bollards Ryanstone Manufactured New Stone Bollards and repaired Existing bollards using Wicklow granite.

The work to St Stephens green shows what granite is good for and clearly demonstrates its superiority over man made materials.
Henry Street, Dublin

Cira 6000 Sq Ft of Paving of Light Grey Granite construction was supplied to Dublin City Council

Image shows work in progress laying the Granite Paving in Henry Street Dublin.




Ha' Penny Bridge

Ha' Penny Bridge

In 2001 Dublin City Council decided to renovate the Ha, penny bridge in 2001 owing to the increased pedestrian traffic.The bridge was closed for repair for renovations between 2001 and 2003 

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South King's Street, Dublin

Light Grey Bush hammered Granite paving, together with Polished granite Seats designed by ryanstone outside the Gaiety Theatre Dublin.


Light Grey Bush hammered Granite paving, together with Polished granite Seats designed by ryanstone outside the Gaiety Theatre Dublin.

Polished Granite seats / Granite Benches

Light Grey Bush Hammered paving

Detail of fountain detail constructed using Black, pink and Grey granites

Black granite seats can also be supplied in various granite colors

Street Fountain Centrepiece comprising of Black, Pink and Gray Granites supplied in individual pieces as per Architects Drawings

St. John's Street, Perth, Scotland

Ryanstone supplied over 6000 Sq Ft of Flame textured Granite Paving to the City of Perth for the regeneration of the St Johns shopping area.

The granites used were light and medium Grey. Ryanstone also supplied the bollards and designed and Carved Granite heads to mirror the carvings in St Johns Church Built about 1200 the carved heads can be seen on the site

Traffic Calming, Dublin

Light grey Wicklow granite setts used for Traffic Calming by Dublin Corporation

Close up Wicklow granite cobblessetts used on Williams street projest

Radius Light Grey Wicklow Granite kerbing used for traffic calming

Tactile Blister Paving Granite tiles 400 x 400mm for the visually impaired and are supplied in various granite colors.

Grey Granite Setts can be supplied in a range of colors and finishes