USA Project

USA Project

Ryanstone supplied the Urns made of solid granite and also the paving, wall and pier capping. In desert yellow. We can also supply all elements with an antiqued finish. Experiences carvers who spend seven years learning their trade work the urns out of solid Granite. However if it is Statuary work you require it fourteen years to become a master carver.

Note the bull nosed Pool surround which is all sawn given a light bush hammered or sandblasted finish, the cut stone coping paving and decorative granite urns supplied by Ryanstone in Desert yellow Granite G682.

Close up view of a hand carved granite Urn showing the decorative classical carving style. Ryanstone can supply urns and vases in all natural stone types including Limestone Marble, Granite and sandstone. We can carve classical pieces or produce to your design or “limited editions” as required. The cut stone pool coping and capping seen here with a lightly bush hammered G682. Desert yellow granite. Light Bush hammer or sandblasted finishes are less abrasive than other masonry finishes and are ideal for the poolside and will not snag swimwear.

View of fountain ornately carved centre piece which the together with the fountain pool coping and pool surround and Urns supplied in Desert yellow Granite. Fountains can be carved out of solid Granite, Marble, limestone or sandstone.


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July 30, 2017

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