Urban Regeneration

Urban RegenerationRyanstone is a well-established supplier of hard – landscape products throughout the UK, Ireland and the United States.

Ryanstone partners with leading architectural practices, local authorities and contractors to specify, manufacture and supply unique solutions to demanding hard-landscape challenges – such as the unique availability of rose coloured granite tactile (blister and profile) paving to the Holyrood Street regeneration project in Edinburgh. Ryanstone were the only company able to source, manufacture and supply this product in the UK

Ryanstone supplies granite kerbs, paving and setts to meet the most demanding specifications. In addition to European materials, Ryanstone import top quality Chinese materials for delivery to the UK, Ireland, and the United States. This provides a highly competitive alternative supply, ensuring that contracts are not locked in to a single source of supply.

Ryanstone is a nominated and approved supplier to local authorities and councils.


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