Wicklow Granite

Ryanstone is a leading supplier of Leinster Granite / Wicklow Granite.

At our Blessington manufacturing plant, we process the quarried Leinster granite / Wicklow granite from its raw block form. Using specialised equipment our skilled stonemasons can produce a wide variety of professionally finished products. We can supply a high quality paving stone and crafted products suitable for urban and rural settings both on a large public access scale and for personal residential use. We also provide a wide range of memorials and many other products that cater for all needs.

Wicklow GraniteLeinster Granite paving, cladding, capping George’s Quay Dublin

Leinster Granite doorway CHQ Building, Dublin

Wicklow GraniteLeinster Granite Monolith Base Irish Life Centre, Dublin

Wicklow GraniteWicklow Granite Block

The Wicklow Mountains are famous for granite rock, which has been quarried for hundreds of years. … The earth’s molten magma was forced up and cooled slowly beneath the metamorphic rock forming the granite. The slow cooling gives the Wicklow granite its large crystalline appearance.

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